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Possibly the fastest way of increasing your penis size is by undergoing surgery. It is a procedure that can give the desired result in just a few weeks. But just like any other surgical procedures, there are risks that you take when you undergo penile enlargement surgery. Some people who have undergone the procedure say they really got the size that they wanted but they experienced side effects xtrasize. One side effect is the loss of sensation in the penis. This is really a big consideration because in the first place one of the reasons why men desire to have a bigger penis is for sexual satisfaction. There are also those who complain about deformation. They cannot really engage in rough sex because the penis might get deformed. For a safer surgical penile enlargement, make sure that you only go to a licensed surgeon. There might be beauty and aesthetic enhancement clinics that will offer the same procedure at a cheaper price but you have to make sure that only the right professional does the surgery to you to ensure safety.

Penis enlargement pills are also available. There are actually a lot of choices for you. Most of these pills claim that they are safe because they are made from natural herbs. They say that they give minimal to no side effects at all. But you have to really be careful in using any of these pills even if they claim that they use natural herbs because you do not know the other ingredients they include. Those claims may just be marketing ploys.

Another way to get a bigger penis fast is to do hand exercises. This procedure is easy to do. You can do it in secret so you save yourself from the embarrassment of asking other people to help. It is also safe because you do not use any foreign object. Here are the steps that you can follow to increase your penis size.

1.Warm up by wrapping your penis with a cloth soaked in warm water for a few minutes.
2.Remove the cloth and dry your penis up.
3.Lubricate your hands with massage lotion or therapy oil.
4.Make an okay sign with your hand.
5.Wrap the okay sign around the base of the penis shaft as close to your scrotum as possible.
6.Pull or slide down until you reach the penis head or glans penis.
7.Repeat steps 5 and 6 a couple of hundred times for best results.

These procedures can do lot to help you get a bigger penis fast but you have to ensure your safety first.

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